Benefits of Insulation



Firstly, it helps keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.Insulation creates a barrier. In the winter it blocks the cool air, while keeping the warm air inside. And in in summer, it keeps the cool air in and the heat out.

Secondly, this means you save money on energy bills. Since you don’t need as much heating or cooling to retain a comfortable temperature in your home, you no longer need to fork out so much to energy companies.

Thirdly, less energy consumption means your home is more environmentally friendly and your carbon footprint is reduced.

Fourthly, it reduces condensation which leads to damp and mould. That means you can avoid the ill health effects these situations can bring.

To break it right down, an insulated home means:

- Better comfort
- Cheaper energy bills
- Smaller carbon footprint
- A healthier home

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