There are so many different types of Insulation on the market, and not all of them are just for your roof! Worse still, its so hard to compare products and prices because not all insulation produces the same results.

At 4 Seasons Home Insulation we're proud to have developed a product that is friendly on both the environment and your family... we call it WOOLCELL.

If you're finding it difficult to decide which type of insulation is best for you, have a quick look at the various products available and then give us a call today 1300 331 366.


Woolcell is not wool insulation but a unique blend of cellulose fibre and woolfibres resulting in a semi-bound insulation which is lightweight, fireand vermin resistant. Woolcell is uniquely semi-bound for 100% coverage and increased stability.

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An environmentally friendlypaper based insulation. Cellulose Fibre is a loose fill product and is vermin resistant, does not burn and gives high heat andsound insulation results. Cellulose Fibre Insulation can be installed in most forms of roof constructionincluding cathedral/raked ceilings, flat and skillion roofs and low-pitchedroofs.


A lightweight batt manufactured from thermallybonded carbon polymers, that is environmentally friendly and ideal for use inwalls, under timber floors and in pitch roof ceilings. They meet all buildingstandards relating to fire and they are a long life maintenance free product.

Our high level of customer satisfaction evidences the high quality of our insulation products and the high standard of service offered by 4 Seasons Home Insulation.

Other products include commonly used glasswool batts, foils, building blankets, vents, foams and foiled 'bubble wrap' type insulation.